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After Building Over 100,000 followers and Reaching Millions of People On Instagram With Our Content.. We Are Revealing The Proven Strategies and Processes..

Discover How You Can

Use Instagram To Drive Attention and Awareness To Your Business... 

..And Use The Right Processes To Convert Them Into Leads And Buyers!!

Here's Exactly What
You Are Getting..


This is a deep-dive masterclass where we cover everything from figuring out your content topics, how to use Instagram to generate awareness, your content strategy to get more reach and exposure, processes to turn strangers into followers, followers into leads and finally plug in the right processes to convert attention into sales.

This is how you build, grow and monetise. The goal of this masterclass isn't just to teach you how to 'build a following' but more importantly, how can you turn those attention into profits. So that you can keep putting your message out there without worrying not having enough leads and sales.

We are going to build your content machine that will continue to print you profits without 'boosting the posts' or doing awkward cold outreach.

Total Value: $997

Worksheets + Checklists

How many of you have attended an event or signed up for a course, you learned great information.. but you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING after that?

Right? It's so easy to learn but the hardest part is the implementation. It's because you've learned so much information in this short period of time that you don't even know where to start.

I don't want that to happen to you over here. That's where these checklists and worksheets can help. They breakdown the entire process into bite-sized actionable steps so that you will always know what actions to take and eventually get results.

Total Value: $97

3-Day IG Profits Blueprint Live Virtual Event

This is an intentionally small, private, closed-door 3-day event where the entire event is all about implementation.

We are going to do these live together - come up with your content strategy for the next 6 months to grow and monetise on Instagram, fine-tuning your message so that they are more compelling to your target audience, dissecting the top performing content and apply the best practices to your own content, working on your offer to make it so irresistible people can't help but to give you money, building your lead magnet to start generating leads, setting up your sales process to convert as many leads into buyers.. and many more!

I don't do this kind of event anywhere else but only for you guys who are serious about growing to the next level!

Total Value: $497

Viral Content Swipe File

Get access to this folder of the top viral posts across different industries and topics and gain inspiration from these content that is already been proven to go viral.

Now whenever you want to start creating content, you can come to this swipe file to gain inspiration for the different ideas and styles that you could be creating for maximum reach and views.

This will save you so much time from the trials and errors trying to come up with something you have no idea if it is going to work. Just model what has been proven to work!

Total Value: $297

My Content System

I received questions from you guys all the time asking me how I create my reels and carousels.

What fonts did I use for carousels? What software I used to edit my reels? What gears do I use? How do I consistently come up with ideas for my content without burning out?

Here I am revealing to you my entire system and process to create my content. I show you the tools I use, how I brainstorm for ideas, how I edit and design.. everything!

You'll see that how someone like me who is non-tech savvy can easily produce content daily by leveraging these beginner-friendly tools and softwares as well as easy-to-implement content process.

Total Value: $197

Tech Mastery

For my non-tech savvy friends here, I get you. I know how frustrating it is when techs are not your strength and here you are spending hours to figure out how to move the images to left by one inch or how to remove the background of your images. I get you.

And that's why I put together this tech mastery where I walk you through step-my-step on how to get those techs issues fixed with minimum efforts and time.

As mentioned, I am not technical just like many of you. It took me over two years to figure out these basic tech skills that are more than enough to get the works done so that you can focus on serving and reaching your audience.

I show you things like how to set up your website, build the landing page, sales copy, DM automation, create email campaigns, email automation, etc. Trust me, my way is the simplest way to do it.

Total Value: $97

Total Value: $2182

PLUS Limited-time Bonuses:

BONUS #1: What's Working Today Monthly Group Coaching 3 Months Access

This is my monthly group coaching where at the end of every month we will jump on this call for me to share with you everything that has worked for me in terms of the content strategies, marketing strategies and business strategies.

The goal is to keep you update with the latest trends and changes in both the social media world and business world. Because things are always changing and I am always implementing new strategies to take things to the next level.

So everything that I am sharing with you on this call is going to be things that I have personally implemented into my own content and business and not just based on 'theories'.

We will also be doing Q&A session where you can ask me questions directly to have me help you with your content, marketing and business problems. By the end of the call you will have total clarity on what you should be working on in the next 30 days before the next call happens.

(we charge $97/month usually for this monthly group coaching)

Total Value: $291

BONUS #2: Private Community

I would argue this isn probably one of the most powerful piece of all. This is a high quality community where everyone in this group paid to be there.

I am never a big fan of doing FREE group because people don't appreciate one thing when it is free. I want to make sure every single person who comes in is someone who is serious action taker who will do whatever it takes to succeed.

I will be doing exclusive trainings in the group every single week as well to help you get unstuck. You can ask questions directly in the group to have your problems solved in real-time by me and other experts in the group.

I wished I had something like this when I was getting started! I had nowhere to ask questions and advices back then but only can go through the trials and errors by myself to figure things out.

Total Value: PRICELESS

BONUS #3: Done-for-you templates

Here I am making your life even easier! You get access to exclusive templates that me and designers I hired created for you. So that you don't have to spend a ton of time on the designing and editing all those things.

You just need to plug-and-play! Including landing page templates, carousel posts templates, infographics templates, email templates, sales page templates and many more!!

On average, a Fiverr freelancer charges you at least $10-$20 for a simple designing work. It can go up to thousands for bigger task like website design. Even this piece  alone would have saved you thousands of dollars!

Total Value: $497

Total Value: $2970






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